Donald Trump and his 9 Rules for Success

Colection of nine rules to reach success in all fields of life according to Donald Trump.

#1: Learn everything you can about what you’re doing

Read everything you can to be referred to your sector. Read the book I wrote with Robert Kiyosaki, entitled “We want to be rich”.

#2: Look at the solution, not the problem

This point is very important if you want to learn to think big. Always keep the focus on the solution.

#3: Go the opportunity for what it is: an opportunity

From everything can be learned, so you have to keep an open mind.

#4: Were persevering

The chance will not get you somewhere, so do not count on it.

#5: Generate a Momentum

You have to have great ideas, but also enough energy to occur.

#6: Stay focused

focused all the time must be maintained. As soon as you lose focus, you also lose your ‘momentum’.

#7: I was lucky

Remember the old saying: “the more you work, the luckier I have.”

#8: See yourself as victorious

That can override negativity immediately and put a positive spin problems. He is facing difficulties and challenges, and enjoy resolve.

#9: Smart is

Being smart means you know how to use what you have. It does not mean that you have nothing to learn, but have the ability to learn and move towards success.

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