Donald Trump is Running out of Money for his Election Campaign

The tycoon could sell some of its properties or borrow from banks, but claims that he has become “conservative” to borrow so much. After his harsh criticisms of the Superpac, the controversial (Opaque) caucuses to finance campaigns, Trump eats his words and negotiates and access to funds through this system.

Trump would require at least $ 700 million for the electoral process, but its liquidity until last summer, was 230 million, so you are looking funders.

Donald Trump boasts a fortune of 10,000 million dollars (about 8,800 million euros). The magazine “Fortune” is the reduction to less than half, 4,500 million and is ranked 121 of millionaires in the world. After his populist way to insist that he can not be corrupted by not accepting other people’s money, now rectified. A few weeks after the closure of primary and two months after the Republican convention, negotiated the creation of a super-PAC and expects an added funding from the Republican Party, which has also reneged on campaign.

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