Renewing a US Passport in the United States of America

Renewing a US Passport in the United States of America is an easy task you should go for it at

All individuals, regardless of age, must have their own passport to travel internationally. You can renew your expired passport or your current one, even if it has not expired.

You can renew your U.S. passport book and/or passport card, except if your current passport was:

  1. Issued before your 16th birthday
  2. Issued 15 or more years ago
  3. Lost or stolen
  4. If any of these are true, you must apply for a new passport in person.

Renew your US passport approximately nine months before it expires.

Certain countries require passports to remain valid for up to six months after your trip. Some airlines do not allow you to board if you don’t meet this requirement.

There are to very well defined procedures to renew your US passport depending where you are issuing your documentation:

  1. Renew your Passport in the US
  2. Renew your Passport outside the US

#1: How to Renew Your Passport in the US

If you live in the United States or Canada, you can renew by mail:

  • Use the Passport Application Wizard to complete the application form online and print it. You can also download the passport renewal form (DS-82) and print it, or get it at a local passport acceptance facility or regional agency and complete it by hand.
  • Mail the renewal form, plus all supporting documents (including a passport photo), and passport fees, to the address printed on the form.
  • The Passport Services Office returns official documents submitted as supporting documentation either with or separate from the passport.

#2: How to Renew Your Passport from Outside the US

If you live in any other country, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in that country for information and forms on how to renew your passport (either current or already expired). Learn more and get answers in the following video about how to renew your US passport.

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