What Kind of VISA do I need to Travel United States?

The following general information is provided entry visas to the United States, for those wishing to travel temporarily for various reasons.

The Visa Waiver Program allows Spanish citizens, Andorrans and certain countries, travel to the United States for business (B-1) and tourism (B2) without first obtaining a visa. This requirement includes citizens of other countries that have an agreement with the Government of the United States. For more information, see the section for citizens of Bermuda, Canada and Mexico.

How to apply for a temporary work visa (H, L, O, P and Q) once the request has been approved by the Immigration Service (USCIS).
Additional information to travel without visas in the case of citizens of Bermuda, Canada, or Mexico.

The return of your passport with the visa will be made by mail.

Types of VISA to Travel United States

Academics and Researchers: Researchers; resident physicians or medical researchers; Teachers, Lecturers, Students included in exchange programs.

Artists, Athletes, Musicians, Professional showbiz extraordinary level.

Au-Pairs, Domestic help.

Professional – Business: Negotiations; Business consulting; Participation in scientific, educational, professional, conferences, seminars, and other activities of commercial and professional field congresses.

Crew: Members of air or boat crew, including private yachts.

Cultural Exchange: Participants in international programs designed to promote and share the culture, work practices exchange, etc.

Diplomats, officers, employees of international organizations and NATO.

Domestic workers: Domestic staff accompanying your employer trip to the US

Domestic employees who wish to accompany or join your employer, traveling or temporarily in the US

Domestic employees who wish to accompany or join her employer, US citizen

Domestic employees who wish to accompany or join your employer, who travels or is in the US in diplomatic or official regime.

Exchange Visitor: For work, training or research, including officially approved and sponsored various educational institutions programs.

Pledged / as: Boyfriends / as citizens / as Americans traveling to the US marriage and reside permanently in that country.

Tourism: temporary holiday visit; Visiting friends, family, etc.

Journalists: Media Representatives traveling for professional reasons.
Religious Workers Members of religious communities who move to perform religious duties.

Students: To study at universities or other academic institutions.

Temporary work: People traveling to the US for work temporarily.

Temporary work visa (H-1B): To perform specialized jobs.

Temporary work visa (H-1C): To perform specialized nursing jobs.

Transferred between subsidiaries (L-1): Employees of multinational companies temporarily transferred to its central, subsidiary, or a subsidiary in the US

Traders and investors treaty (E1 / E2): Applicants signatory countries of the treaty of commerce and navigation with the US visiting businesses to make considerable volume between the US and your country, or to develop and direct operations of a company that has made substantial capital investments.

Transit: Travellers in transit through the US to other countries.

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